Two to four players or teams may play (for large group use additional decks)

The Object
To be the first to arrange the cards in the order of the seder.

To Play
Place “Afikoman” and “Plagues” cards on the side. Dealer divides cards into four shuffled sets that include one each of the twelve different cards. Alternately, players can divide the cards among themselves, then shuffle their sets. Players may use haggadot for reference. Use of a timer is optional.

1. Dealer calls out, "Echad, shtayim, shalosh, go!"
2. Players arrange their cards in the order of the seder.
3. The first player to finish calls out, "Dayenu!"
4. Using a haggadah for reference, together players check the cards. If cards are not in the correct order, player with the most cards in order at that time wins.


Variation 1: Collect the five different items on the seder plate.

Variation 2: Use the “Afikoman” and “Plagues” cards as wild cards. 


One or more players may play

The Object
To have the most pairs when the game ends. Or, if you play by yourself, just have fun testing your memory!

To Play
Use two cards of each picture. Place extra cards on the side.

1. Dealer shuffles cards, lays cards out face-down in rows, one at a time, no cards touching.

2. Player to dealer’s left selects any two cards and flips them over in place so players can see them. If the cards make a pair (two matching cards), he/she takes both cards and places them next to him/her in a pile face-down. The first player continues guessing until the two cards flipped don’t match. Turn the flipped cards back over so they are face-down again. It is the next player’s turn (player to the left of the first player).

3. Play continues until all the cards have been matched. Player with the most pairs in his/her pile wins.

OLD MAID (Anti-Antiochus)

Two to eight players may play

The Object
Not to end up holding the odd Antiochus card.

To Play
Remove one Antiochus card.

1. Dealer shuffles cards and then deals out all of the cards, one at a time. Some players may have more cards than others.

2. Match pictures on cards and discard all pairs (2 cards with the same picture) to a pile on the side. Do not discard three cards instead of two!

3. Players shuffle their remaining cards. Player on dealer’s left spreads his/her cards out like a fan and holds them out face-down. Dealer chooses one face-down card from the fan of cards. If the card picked matches a card he/she is already holding, the pair is discarded.

4. Play continues with players choosing one card from the player on their left. A player who has put down all of his/her cards waits while the others continue playing. The game ends when a player is left holding only Antiochus and loses the game!